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II International Exhibition of equipment and technologies for municipal and industrial emissions treatment, dust and gas purification Waste Air & Gas Management 2019 will be conducted on 26-27 November 2019 in Kyiv, Ukraine in the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Important facts

Total amount of necessary investments in the waste air & gas treatment industry of Ukraine has been estimated by experts at 28.6 billion USD.

The Association agreement between EU and Ukraine provides phased implementation of European environmental legislation in Ukraine.

In 2019 the Government of Ukraine aims to harmonize legislation in accordance with the 2008/50 EU Directive on ambient air quality and clean air for Europe. The relevant Decree plans to introduce a unified air monitoring system, with the definition of areas of responsibility of central and municipal authorities.

According to the Directive 2010/75/EU on industrial emissions all power plants with a capacity of more than 50 MW (today there are 147 of them in Ukraine) have to significantly (dozens of times) reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and dust.

The National emission reduction plan in the energy sector of Ukraine, which is currently under discussion in the government, provides phased modernization of existing power units. In particular, use of wet and semi-dry desulfurization technologies, fabric filtration, selective non-catalytic and catalytic reduction. The cost of this program is 2.6 billion USD. Also this plan requires investments of 21 billion USD in the construction of new power units that fully comply with European environmental legislation.

The National emission reduction plan in the mining and metallurgical industries of Ukraine provides the reconstruction of dust and gas purification facilities worth about 5 billion USD.

Exhibition topics:

- Implementation of EU environmental directives
- Emissions treatment: legislative reforms, current state in regions and investment environment
- Environmental monitoring systems, equipment for analysis, control and accounting of emissions
to the atmosphere
- Equipment for industrial gas treatment and air aspiration
- Filters and filtering materials
- Dust suppression
systems, dust-free handling of bulk materials and transportation of captured materials
Industrial ventilation and climatic equipment
- Audit, design and engineering
of industrial gas treatment, air aspiration and dust removal facilities
- Odor control
- Personal protective equipment
and workwear, emergency eyewashes, safety showers and fountains
Emission permits


- suppliers of equipment, materials, services and technologies for air quality monitoring, industrial and municipal emissions treatment, industrial dust and gas purification, dust removal and odor control
- municipal and private enterprises of fuel and energy complex
- enterprises of mining and metallurgical enterprises
- cement industry enterprises, asphalt-concrete plants, producers of building materials
- elevators, grain terminals, ports
- woodworking and furniture enterprises
- pharmaceutical and medical enterprises
- food industry enterprises
- operators of incineration plants and hazardous waste disposal facilities
- ministries, committees of the Verkhovna Rada, state supervision (control) bodies
- state and municipal authorities, territorial communities
- environmental laboratories
- banks, investment companies, financial institutions
- design, engineering and consulting companies, law firms
- scientific and educational institutions   

Our previous expo collected professionals from 18 countries. 

Conclusions of the last event - http://wagm-expo.com/all-exhibitions/program/conclusions-2018

- Video review:

By any questions contact organizers:
+38 (056) 794 33 94

We look forward to meeting you at Waste Air & Gas Management 2019!

Exhibition News

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Interpipe - Industrial enterprise. Vertically integrated holding

Pavlenko Legal Group - Lawyers team


 Metallurgical District Council, Kryvyi Rih City Council

METINVEST ENGINEERING - engineering company that implements large investment projects of Metinvest Group

All-Ukrainian Association of Bus Stations

ABB - Manufacturer of equipment and systems for the electric power industry, power supply and production automation

Institute of Industrial Ecology

ТIS - Maritime industry

DTEK - Industrial enterprise. Vertically integrated energy company

WorldVentures - Consulting

RedecamGroup - Engineering, manufacture, installation and commissioning of modern air filtration and gas treatment systems

KM-Tecknik - Engineering, manufacture, installation and commissioning of modern air filtration and gas treatment systems

Ecosmartlab - Environmental laboratory

Veza - Manufacturer of dust removal equipment supplier

Eco formation - NGO

Bosch Urkaine- Supplier of air cleaning equipment and technologies

Giprokoks - State Institute for Designing Coke and Chemical Industrial Enterprises

Donbassenergo - Industrial enterprise. Power generation

Gas institute of NAS of Ukraine - Scientific Educational Institution

Sribne siaivo - Agricultural company

Kyivteploenergo - Industrial enterprise. Power generation

Poltava Oil and Gas Company - Industrial enterprise

DIKERGOFF CEMENT - Industrial enterprise. Construction Materials

DTEK Energo - Industrial enterprise. Coal Mining Electricity Production

Filcon - Supplier of air cleaning equipment

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PepsiCo Ukraine - Production of fruit and vegetable juices, soft drinks, crackers and snacks. Production of dairy products, baby food and dietary products

Dnіprometiz - Industrial enterprise. Wire production

Farmak - Industrial enterprise. Pharmaceuticals

Coal Energy Technology Institute - Research institution

Berdichev Machine-Building Plant - Production of dusting and gas treatment systems

PRIMA EQUIPMENT - Manufacturer, exporter & supplier of wide range monitoring equipment

Imetek & K - Production of filters for cleaning exhaust ducts

● Eknis-Engeneering - System integration in the industrial, power and utility markets; delivering electrical equipment of all voltage classes for primary and secondary circuits; engineering, installation and commissioning up to 750 kV; service of gas­ insulated equipment.

DTEK KYIV GRIDS PrSC - Distribution system operator

● Spraying Systems Co Sp. z o.o. Oddzial w Polsce - Equipment for industrial gas cleaning and air aspiration 

Evonik Fibres - Fibre Manufacturer

FTA INDUSTRIAL Machinery and Environmental Technologies Limited - Dust retention systems, pneumatic conveying systems, gas and odor removal units and industrial equipment

CFT GmbH Compact Filter Technic - Efficient solutions for dust removal, gas cleaning and ventilation, heating and cooling air

Biliark - Design

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We invite you to visit a SEMINAR dedicated to "Modern Technologies of Flue Gas Cleaning for Heat and Power, Industries and Municipal Waste Incineration"

 Organizer: "AcademResourceEnergyProject" Institute

Moderator: Volodymyr Dolgopolov, Director

Seminar’s themes:

•  Constituents of harmfulness of power industry for population and environment. Ukraine’s regions’ comparison

•  Medical aspects and consequences  of overlimit  emissions/concentrations of toxins in ambient air

•  Need for improvement of the emissions’ state regulation

•  Best Available Technologies (BAT) of Flue Gas Cleaning (FGC), comparisons, the technologies’ choice criteria

•  Best available and Lowest-Cost reagents/sorbents for flue gas cleaning: nanolime, nanocarbon, AlSi, etc

•  Resources’ availability for flue gas cleaning in Ukraine and abroad. Problems and available solutions

•  Similarities and distinctions of FGC systems for power, industries, municipal waste incineration

•  FGC economics, constituents of expenses (CapEx, OpEx) and payback. The novel concept of environmental tax use for FGC projects and for local infrastructure modernization. Instance of an integrated project

•  Obstacles in Flue Gas Cleaning in power sector in Ukraine − regulations, unconcern, corruption. Situation abroad

•  Examples of Corruption in Flue Gas Cleaning of power sector − in Ukraine and abroad

•  Practices of development, licensing, transfer, adaptation, appropriation, etc. of Flue Gas Cleaning technologies   International and national regulation

•  How much the Newest Flue Gas Cleaning Systems (DALSICATM+) can Lower the kWh Tariffs from a Coal TPP

•  Export of New Flue Gas Cleaning Systems: New Opportunities on Multi-Billion Dollar Markets

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DEKONTA - Air emission & odour treatment

GWI GROUP - Manufacturer of woven & non-woven industrial fabrics, with a focus on air and liquid filtration

KraftPowercon Sweden AB - Industrial enterprise. Manufacturer and supplier of equipment and technologies for gas cleaning

Folter-Ukraine - Manufacturer of aspiration systems and filter elements

A-Box - Portable air cleaner from PM2.5

ЕСМ Group - Control and measuring equipment

Termolitmash ltd - Foundry Equipment Manufacturer

Bag Filter Factory - Industrial enterprise. Production of filter systems for waste incineration plants

Greencontact - Development and production of a product (material) for dry gas cleaning using full life cycle technology

GEA - Supplier of technological solutions for food industry and a wide range of other processing industries

Veolia - Waste management