Seminar "Modern Technologies of Flue Gas Cleaning for Heat and Power, Industries and Municipal Waste Incineration"

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27 of November at 13:30

We invite you to visit a SEMINAR dedicated to "Modern Technologies of Flue Gas Cleaning for Heat and Power, Industries and Municipal Waste Incineration"

 Organizer: "AcademResourceEnergyProject" Institute

Lowest-Cost SORBENTS (based on lime, activated carbon, acivated clay, and mixes thereof) for high-efficient yet lowcost high-ROI waste-free FGC (Flue Gas Cleaning) in Heat&Power, Industries (ore sintering, cement etc.) and Waste-to-Energy (Dioxin-Free), as well as for waste stabilization and wastewater cleaning. Integrated Flue Gas MultiPollutant Cleaning SYSTEMS.

Moderator: Volodymyr Dolgopolov, Director

Seminar’s themes:

•  Constituents of harmfulness of power industry for population and environment. Ukraine’s regions’ comparison

•  Medical aspects and consequences  of overlimit  emissions/concentrations of toxins in ambient air

•  Need for improvement of the emissions’ state regulation

•  Best Available Technologies (BAT) of Flue Gas Cleaning (FGC), comparisons, the technologies’ choice criteria

•  Best available and Lowest-Cost reagents/sorbents for flue gas cleaning: nanolime, nanocarbon, AlSi, etc

•  Resources’ availability for flue gas cleaning in Ukraine and abroad. Problems and available solutions

•  Similarities and distinctions of FGC systems for power, industries, municipal waste incineration

•  FGC economics, constituents of expenses (CapEx, OpEx) and payback. The novel concept of environmental tax use for FGC projects and for local infrastructure modernization. Instance of an integrated project

•  Obstacles in Flue Gas Cleaning in power sector in Ukraine − regulations, unconcern, corruption. Situation abroad

•  Examples of Corruption in Flue Gas Cleaning of power sector − in Ukraine and abroad

•  Practices of development, licensing, transfer, adaptation, appropriation, etc. of Flue Gas Cleaning technologies
   International and national regulation

•  How much the Newest Flue Gas Cleaning Systems (DALSICATM+) can Lower the kWh Tariffs from a Coal TPP

•  Export of New Flue Gas Cleaning Systems: New Opportunities on Multi-Billion Dollar Markets