Venue & Hotels

ucci enThe Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
33, Velyka Zhytomyrska str.
Kiev, Ukraine

The Waste Air & Gas Management Exhibition will take place in the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the center of Kiev, which has the multifunctional platform for organising events of various sizes and formats.

Hotels close to the venue


Hyatt Regency Kyiv 5*
Address: Alla Tarasova Str. 5, Kiev
Approx. price: 260-400 euro/night
Approx. distance: 1 km

Hilton Kyiv 5*
Address: 30 Tarasa Shevchenka Boulevard, Kiev
Approx. price: 300-400 euro/night
Approx. distance: 1.8 km


Radisson Blu Hotel
, Kyiv 4*
Address: Yaroslaviv Val Str. 22, Kiev

Approx. price: 200-300 euro/night
Approx. distance: 700 m

Hotel Ukraine 4*

Address: Institutskaya Str. 4, Kiev
Approx. price: 45-160 euro/night
Approx. distance: 1.8 km

Bontiak Hotel 4* (Mini-Hotel)

Address: Iryninska Str. 5/24-B, Kiev
Approx. price: 80 -100 euro/night
Approx. distance: 1 km

Gonchar Hotel 4* (Mini-Hotel)

Address: Goncharna Str. 17-А, Kiev
Approx. price: 50 -70 euro/night
Approx. distance: 1.1 km

Dnipro Hotel 3*

Address: Khreshchatyk Str. 1/2, Kiev
Approx. price: 35-100 euro/night
Approx. distance: 1.7 km

Kozatskiy Hotel 3*

Address: Mikhaylovskaya Str. 1/3, Kiev
Approx. price: 35-80 euro/night
Approx. distance: 1.3 km

Golden Gate Inn 3* (Mini-Hotel)

Address: Yaroslavov Val Str. 33-А, Kiev
Approx. price: 30-45 euro/night
Approx. distance: 500 m

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