Panel discussion "Implementation of EU environmental directives is a matter of national security for Ukraine"

Preliminary confirmed participation:

- Oleh Bondarenko, Chairman of Committee on Environmental Policy and Nature Management of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Ruslan Strіlets, Director of Ecology and Natural Resources Department, Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration
Iryna Verbitska, Head of Ecology Department of Directorate for Sustainable Development, DTEK
Yuliya Golovchuk, Head of Environmental Department, HeidelbergCement Ukraine

Invited to participate:
- Representatives specialized Ministries of Ukraine
- Industrial interprises
- Regional state administrations
- State Ecological Inspection of Ukraine
- Government Enterprise Ukrmetrteststandart
- SI "O.M.Marzeiev Institute for Public Health of NAMSU" 
- State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection 
- Hydrometeorological center of Ukraine

Session 1. Emissions treatment: legislative reforms, current state in regions and investment environment

Session 2. Environmental monitoring systems, equipment for analysis, emissions accounting, air quality and odor control

Presentations from: ЕСМ Ukraine, Eknis-Engineering, АLT Ukraine, PRIMA EQUIPMENT, Casella, Envirozone Instruments and Equipments, ADAGE AUTOMATION

Session 3.  Equipment and technologies for chemical, electromechanical, catalytic and biological treatment of municipal and industrial emissions

Presentations from: KraftPowercon, FTA INDUSTRIAL Machinery and Environmental Technologies Limited

Session 4. Gas treatment and air aspiration at industrial enterprises: fuel and energy complex, mining and metallurgical complex, cement industry and production of building materials, chemical and petrochemical industries

Presentations from: Energomashekologiya, CFH  Compact Filter Holding, BMZ-Progress, Spraying Systems Co Sp. z o.o. Oddzial w Polsce

Session 5. Modern filter materials and solutions for gas cleaning, air aspiration and dust removal

Presentations from: GWI Group, Bag Filter Factory, Harmony-Technofilter

Conference. Industrial ventilation (NEW in 2019!)
- supply and exhaust ventilation of industrial premises
- industrial air conditioning
- ventilation of clean rooms in medicine, pharmaceutical, food and electronic industries, laboratory complexes
- smoke removal systems

Conference. Industrial dust suppression (NEW in 2019!)
-  automatic dust suppression equipment, fogging systems
-  dust suppression reagents
-  mobile dust suppression systems
-  washing systems for heavy industrial machinery: quarry, mining, road, construction, agro-industrial, etc.

Seminar. Environmental control laboratory (NEW in 2019!)
- regulation, technologies, equipment

Seminar. Modern Technologies of Flue Gas Cleaning for Heat and Power, Industries and Municipal Waste Incineration (NEW in 2019!)
Organizer: "AcademResourceEnergyProject" Institute
Moderator: Volodymyr Dolgopolov, Director
Speakers and audience:
President’s Office, Parliamentarians; Trade Attachés; Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection, Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine, Ministry of Health of Ukraine; DTEK, Centrenergo, Donbasenergo, UkrTEC, Ukrheatenergo; suppliers of technologies and equipment; professionals.

Seminar’s themes:
•  Constituents of harmfulness of power industry for population and environment. Ukraine’s regions’ comparison
•  Medical aspects and consequences  of overlimit  emissions/concentrations of toxins in ambient air
•  Need for improvement of the emissions’ state regulation
•  Best Available Technologies (BAT) of Flue Gas Cleaning (FGC), comparisons, the technologies’ choice criteria.
•  Best available and Lowest-Cost reagents/sorbents for flue gas cleaning: nanolime, nanocarbon, AlSi, etc
•  Resources’ availability for flue gas cleaning in Ukraine and abroad. Problems and available solutions
•  Similarities and distinctions of FGC systems for power, industries, municipal waste incineration
•  FGC economics, constituents of expenses (CapEx, OpEx) and payback. The novel concept of environmental tax use for FGC projects and for local infrastructure modernization. Instance of an integrated project
•  Obstacles in Flue Gas Cleaning in power sector in Ukraine − regulations, unconcern, corruption. Situation abroad
•  Examples of Corruption in Flue Gas Cleaning of power sector − in Ukraine and abroad
•  Practices of development, licensing, transfer, adaptation, appropriation, etc. of Flue Gas Cleaning technologies
   International and national regulation
•  How much the Newest Flue Gas Cleaning Systems (DALSICATM+) can Lower the kWh Tariffs from a Coal TPP
•  Export of New Flue Gas Cleaning Systems: New Opportunities on Multi-Billion Dollar Markets

Seminar. Actual changes on monitoring of industrial and municipal emissions into the atmosphere in Dnipropetrovsk region
Organizer: Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration, Department of Ecology
Moderator: Ruslan Strіlets, Director of Ecology and Natural Resources Department, Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration

Seminar. Kraft power supplies of electric filters for gas treatment. Operating principles, features, modifications and years of operating experience
Organizer: KraftPowercon Sweden AB
Moderator: Mikhail Brandt, Head of Sales

Seminar. The role of the public in creating a market of eco-solutions